AwesomEcuador is a tour company in Ecuador that offers sustainable tailored made
trips all over the country, including the Galapagos Islands.

Our Beginning

AwesomEcuador was formed in 2012  by Daniela Palacios, a licenced and experienced ecuadorian Tour Guide who has led trips in the most
beautiful places of the country since 2005.

Ecuador, in northwestern South America can easily become one of the top tourist destinations in the whole world because visitors can see a lot
in a very short time, go from the Andes to the Amazon and enjoy the best weather all year round!  Ecuador is a safe and affordable country with
a growing tourism industry.
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Sustainable Tourism, why is important

We believe in sustainable tourism because we want to preserve the environment of the places we visit and
protect the local people and its culture.

Our commitment is to encourage our travelers to do responsible tourism everywhere they go, it could be
done in different ways: supporting local projects, being part of environmental conservation or bringing
positive experiences to local people.

How does this happen ?

Ecuador is the country with the greatest biodiversity in the world for its surface area.
A small country with around 15 million people and a surface area of 283.560 km2 Ecuador is one of the 17 mega-diverse countries in the world
which cover only 10% of the planet’s surface but support more than 70% of the biodiversity on earth. Just to give you an idea Ecuador has
almost twice as many species of birds than in all of North America!

This special characteristic is our biggest advantage because you can reach completely different ecosystems in a very short amount of time and
have the chance to see many kinds of landscapes, animals and plants.

Come and explore this majestic country that will make you feel alive! Our experienced staff with more than 10 years working on tourism will
make sure you have all you need and enjoy your trip.

Enjoy the beauty of an AwesomEcuador !
Also, as you have seen, we have decided to use the HARPY
EAGLE in our logo because we aim to help with the
conservation of it. The Harpy Eagle is the biggest eagle of
the Americas and is considered one of the world’s most
powerful birds of prey.
For this reason we have decided to donate a small percentage of the cost of your trip to
projects involved in preserving the Harpy Eagle in Ecuador like the PCAHE – Simbioe program.
So when you book your trip we’ll make a donation on your behalf and send you a thank you
letter from the project!
In Ecuador it lives in the Amazon rainforest and in the forests of the northwest coast. Its
conservation status is classified by BirdLife International as Near Threatened but its
populations are believed to be declining rapidly due to habitat loss.