The future of travel will be nature

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Hi, welcome to my blog! I’m Liza Daniela. Tour guide and founder of my tour company Awesomecuador! I am very excited to start this travel blog and communicate with you about diverse topics that revolve around the tourism industry these days. As we all know, the current travel restrictions are preventing us from exploring our planet. But slowly, tourism will come back and we will have the opportunity to visit wonderful places and be in touch with nature again. One thing is for sure, nature-focused travel will be huge because it requires exploring secluded spots and being away from the normal tourist crowds, which is what we need now. Fortunately, in that regard, Ecuador has a lot to offer! Be it the Amazon jungle, the mysterious cloud forests, the Andes mountain range or our pristine beaches by the Pacific Ocean, we have it all. Not to mention the famous Galapagos Islands! In fact, the video below explains very well how much there is to see in Ecuador. So stay tuned for more 🙂

In the meantime I would love if you could share with me a thought on why is nature tourism so special to you… I’m looking forward to reading your comments!

Visiting the Equator with one of my tour groups!
Visiting the Equator with one of my tour groups. I can’t wait to have you!
Ecuador tourism campaign ad presented in the Super Bowl in 2015

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