How travel will change

The pandemic that we are going through has affected the tourism industry in an unprecedented way. In this podcast episode our special guest, Alison Braun, founder of Earth Treks will share with us what it means to make a living from ecotourism in the midst of a pandemic and will give us some insights on the future of travel. Join us!     

Episode 1: How travel will change
Planting a tree with a Canadian visitor at reforestation project

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Published by awesomecuador

I'm Liza Daniela Palacios. National tour guide of Ecuador and founder of Awesomecuador. My passion is to deliver nature-focused tours and to create opportunities for environmental awareness.

2 thoughts on “How travel will change

  1. That’s incredible Dany, one of the destinies to travel there next guaranty will be the way to learn ecotourism and sustainable development as on the communities and rain forest.

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    1. Thank you for your comment Ricky! That’s right visiting places like the rain-forest or the cloud forest can bring opportunities for sustainable development to the local communities.


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