Reduce your carbon footprint when you travel

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Do you sometimes feel that when you travel you contribute with quite a lot of carbon emissions? Especially when flying right? Seeing the world is one of the best things a human being can do. Exploring nature, getting to know other cultures, meeting people from different backgrounds and facing challenges out there provide many benefits to a person and ultimately to society. But because, in most cases, we need to fly to reach our destination there is an environmental cost involved.

I am a big fan of responsible travel because when we travel we have a bigger carbon footprint on the planet. Fortunately nowadays there are ways to offset our carbon emissions, as companies and as individuals. There are several tour companies that have partnered with organizations that focus on reducing your carbon emissions and for a tiny fee added to your trip value the carbon that you emit during your trip is offset. By investing in reforestation or renewable energy projects they offset the carbon emission. One of those organizations is Ecologi, they plant trees and restore forests in different parts of the world through a partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects, a non-profit organization who works with impoverished communities in areas where the environment has been degraded. By the way, Ecologi works in a subscription basis and you don’t need to wait until you travel to start reducing your carbon footprint. Isn’t that great?       

What is also great about these projects is that they provide us with the opportunity to make a difference in the world while we travel. This empowers the traveler’s community to take action for global issues such as climate change, and at the same time it empowers local communities where these projects are carried out by providing them with job opportunities such as planting trees. Not to mention that with the reforestation projects the people restore their land and the natural habitat around them, which improves their quality of life.

So there you go dear friends, here is a way to become a carbon neutral traveler or even climate positive! Whether you are the kind of person who loves to join an organized tour or you are an independent traveler there is an option for you to offset your carbon footprint.

I would love to read your comments about this topic. Please check the video below to learn more about the projects you can support when you choose to reduce your carbon footprint!

Never quit exploring!

Subtropical forest from above in Ecuador

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