Travel Status to Ecuador

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Good news friends!

As of July 15th 2021 travelers to Ecuador and The Galapagos Islands will only need to present their vaccine card with its complete schedule and that it is in force at least 14 days before traveling, OR a negative RT-PCR test with 72 hours prior to boarding. The only exception to this regulation is for travelers coming from Brazil or India.

As additional information, the Ecuadorian government is in the process of vaccinating its entire population above 12 years old to create community immunity as fast as possible. This vaccination campaign has already vaccinated 99% of the population in the Galapagos Islands. This was key to restart tourism in the most important destination at the national level.

The Galapagos Islands are Ecuador’s treasure. A two hour flight from Quito gets you to this magnificent archipelago where you can explore its unique wildlife and relax in white sand beaches such as Tortuga Bay. Since 99% of the population in the Galapagos is now vaccinated all hotels and restaurants are now open at full capacity. Biosecurity protocols are still in place so you may be required to wear a mask inside certain places but during a tour most of the time is spent outdoors therefore is safer! You will be surrounded by fresh air!

Keep in mind that when visiting the Galapagos you have the option of taking a cruise around the islands or staying in hotels in the three main inhabited islands and doing an ‘island hopping’ eco-friendly trip. This island hopping trip includes day tours in the different islands to watch wildlife, hike volcanoes, cycle to pristine beaches or do snorkeling!

Meanwhile, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) still recommend travelers to be fully vaccinated before traveling to Ecuador. According to the travel information of the CDC, Ecuador is currently in level 3.

The best part is that prices are very good right now, at the moment some of our tours currently have great discounts! Feel free to contact me for more information about great travel deals. I will be happy to provide information and to help you plan a safe vacation in Ecuador, the best destination!

Marine Turtle resting
Snorkel in lava tunnels

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